Interesting Jewelry Facts: Gold

Ten interesting facts about gold

1.  The mineral pyrite has a similar appearance to gold has its nickname fool’s gold.
2.  China has recently surpassed South Africa as the biggest producer of gold.
3.  The largest gold nugget was found in Australia and weighed over 200 pounds.
4.  Karat is the measurement used for how much solid gold is in an item.  If an Golditem is 100% gold, then it is 24 karat.
5.  Pure gold is always yellow.  Rose gold has been combined with copper.
6.  It is believed that only about 20% of the earth gold has been discovered.
7.  Western jewelry is typically 14 karat versus jewelry from South Asia which is usually 22 karat.
8.  American brides receive gold and diamonds 75% of the time.
9.  Astronaut’s visors on their helmets receive a coating of gold to reduce glare and heat from the sun.
10.  The world’s largest accumulation of monetary gold is located at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York.

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